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Become a
Flow Riders Coach!

Our amazing volunteer coaches are what allow Flow Riders kids to experience the magic of riding bikes in the woods with friends. 

We need ride leaders who can guide the group through skills drill and trail rides (we provide train-the-trainer sessions).  


We also need sweeps who ride behind the group and keep everyone together.  So if you can keep up with the kids, you can help coach!

Coaching Commitment

Coaches are paired up to lead groups of 6 to 12 riders for the season.   Coaches sign-up to lead a group one night or two nights a week.  If you're interested in being a coach but unsure of your schedule and/or ability to make rides consistently, we have a "Floater" Coach role.  These coaches assist whenever they can make it to a ride.  Floater Coaches help fill-in if a Group Coach is unable to make a ride and help us get the groups riding quickly and smoothly at the beginning of a session. 


We hold coach training events prior to our spring and fall sessions to review the basic skills and drills we'd like to focus on with the kids.  Each group is provided with a backpack which includes coaching tools and it's up to you to decide what to focus on with the kids during your rides. 

Coach Onboarding Process

Complete Registration 

Review Safety Procedures

Decide which group (Albany, Rensselaer or Schenectady) and which nights you're available and complete the Coaching Registration Form:

Review our safety policies and procedures:

Attend a Coach Training Session

Coach training sessions are held in advance of the Spring and Fall seasons.  Bring your bike and learn how to coach kids on basic bike handling skills with fun and engaging drills and games.  

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